After Harvest Days.

Winter came and people eat only when they were hungry. The seeds kept for sowing dwindled somehow in some families. The families that ate only when they were hungry during the summer and autumn gave food to the ones who ate because it was meal times and not because they were hungry. No lecture was … More After Harvest Days.


You know your roots are strong and healthy when the mountains, rivers, hills, the expanse of the sky and river never stops speaking to you.

The most insensitive and cruel thing to say to a stay home mom- “What have you been doing all day?”

Unstable Times

She withstood the mighty storm Like a bamboo in a storm She swayed in the brewing gloom The times roared and shrill The big ones broke and fell The trees not rooted firmly fell The resolute ones spirited away The upright were not fated to stay The brave had to pay The divisive kill only … More Unstable Times

Concrete Savage

In an oasis of compassion Child of paradise Flying with the butterflies Chasing the rainbow Healthy roots of ancestors Nourishing tiniest buds, tendrils Yellowed leaves, wilted branches, crooked Regenerated, unconditionally Honourable Savage House integrity, character, loyalty, substance Belonging ‘Savage’ jungle laws comprehensible Systematised Just Compassionate   In search of greener pastures Thrown in the ‘concrete … More Concrete Savage